American Association of Cat Enthusiasts

American Curl Breed Standard

Head 15 pts
   Profile 4
   Shape 4
   Size 2
   Chin 3
   Muzzle 2
Ears 25 pts
   Degree 8
   Shape 7
   Size 6
   Placement 3
   Furnishings 1
Eyes 10 pts
   Shape    3
   Size    3
   Placement 3
   Color 1
Body 30 pts
   Shape 6
  Size & Bone 6
   Muscular 9
   Neck 1
   Tail 4
   Legs & Feet 4
Coat & Color 15 pts
   Length 5
   Texture 5
   Color 2
   Undercoat 3
Condition 5 pts

General: The distinctive feature of the breed is their uniquely curled ears, set on the corners of the head. These ears are quite firm to the touch, erect and open, curving back in a smooth arc towards the center of the back of the skull. The Curl is a well balanced, medium sized cat weighting 5 to 10 pounds. Maturity is reached between two and three years of age. Allowance to be made for larger size in males.

Head: Profile - nose straight, slight rise from bottom of eyes to forehead, gentle convex curve to top of skull, chin firm, even with nose. Modified wedge longer than wide, muzzle has gentle transition, neither pointed nor square.
Penalize: Deep curve.

Ears: Degree of Curl - Minimum 90 degree arc. Ideal arc of 135 degrees, not to exceed 180 degrees. Moderately large set equally on sides and top of head, wide at base and open, tips rounded and flexible; furnishing desirable. 
Penalize: Low set, mismatched, pinched, donkey ears, vertical crimp, horizontal kink, ears that appear corrugated on interior surface.

Body: Shape slender, rectangular, length 1-1/2 times the height at shoulder. Medium in size and boning. Moderately developed strength and tone. Neck in proportion to body size. Tail wide at base, tapering, in equal proportion to body length. Legs and Feet: Legs medium in proportion to body size. Hind legs slightly longer than front legs. Set straight when viewed from front or back. Feet medium and rounded.

Eyes: Moderately large, walnut shaped on top and round on bottom. Set on a bias, one eye width apart. Eye color according to coat color, except pointed must be blue.

Coat & Color: Medium long, lying flat, tail plumed. Fine silky texture, MINIMAL UNDERCOAT. All colors accepted in all other breeds. 
Penalize: Heavy undercoat, ruffs, cottony or coarse texture.

Condition: Proportionate in all physical aspects. AMENABLE TO HANDLING.

NFA: Deep nose break; extreme curl of ears in adults where the tip of the ear touches the back of the ear or head; lack of firm cartilage in ear from the base of the ear to at least 1/3 of it's height. Any tail faults, including lack of flexibility.

Accepted Colors: All colors and Patterns

Revised 7/93