American Association of Cat Enthusiasts

Manx Breed Standard

Head 10 pts
Eye Shape & Set 5 pts
Body, Legs & Feet 10 pts
Taillessness 15 pts
Height of Hindquarters 10 pts
Roundness of Rump 10 pts
Flank 10 pts
Double Coat 10 pts
Markings 10 pts
Condition & Balance 10 pts

General: The Manx, characterized by its taillessness, is medium in size, compact, with a short back that arches up from shoulders to haunches.  It has sturdy bone structure with forelegs shorter than the hind legs, rump as "round as an orange" being higher than the shoulders.  The Manx has a soft, double coat with a short "open" look.

Head and Ears: The head should be slightly longer than it is broad, with prominent cheeks (also stud jowls in the male) which make it appear rather round. There should be a break at the whiskers.  The nose is slightly longer and broader than in the American Shorthair, but with no suggestion of snipishness. Ears medium in size, rather wide at the base and tapering gradually to a rounded tip, with sparse furnishings inside.  The Manx may have ear tufts at the tip which make the ear appear pointed; this is permissible.  Ears are widely spaced and are set slightly outward so that when viewed from behind they resemble the rocker of a cradle.  The head shape, ear set and eye Depth of set give the Manx the unique "Manx look".  Penalize: Foreshortened head; short nose heavy furnishings inside ears.

Eye Shape and Set: Eyes should be round and full, set at a slight angle (outer corner a little above inner corner).  The ideal eye color conforms Color and with requirements for color of coat but in the Manx should only be considered if all other points are equal.  Penalize: Eye set straight across in head as in longhairs.  See American Shorthair Standard for eye color.

Body, Legs and Feet: The body should be medium in size; compact with a short back that arches up from shoulders to haunches.  Sturdy bone structure.  Forelegs shorter than hind legs.  Feet round and firm, with five toes in front, four in back.  OBJECTION: Rangy body, level back.

Taillessness: The Manx cat should appear tailless.  There is no penalty for a rise of bone or cartilage which does not stop the judges hand when the palm is stroked down the back and over the rump.  No probing of the dimple or rise by the judge is allowed.  The rump of the Manx cat will be felt with the palm of the hand.

Height of Hindquarters: The hind legs should be longer than the forelegs, making their rump higher than the shoulders.  The hind legs should have substantial bone and should be straight when viewed from behind.  Penalize: Short hind legs; fine bone; bowed or cow hocked (knock-kneed) hind legs.

Roundness of Rump: The ideal would be as round as a grapefruit.

Depth of Flank: The flank should have greater depth than in any other breed, adding much to the short, cobby appearance.  The depth of flank, height of hindquarters, shortness of forelegs, shortness of back and roundness of rump, produce the hopping gait typical of the Manx.

Double Coat: The coat should have a soft, well-padded quality due to the longer open outer coat and thick close undercoat.  The double coat gives the Manx the appearance of having a short "open" coat like that of a rabbit.  Seasonal variations in coat shall be recognized.

Color and Markings: Colors and color pattern are described in Color Class Section.  The color points for cats with special markings should be divided 5 points for color and 5 points for markings.  Cat is not disqualified for white button and/or locket.

Condition and Balance: The overall appearance should be that of a medium size, compact, muscular cat.  The head, neck and legs should blend smoothly to form a well-balanced Manx. Gentle and amenable to handling.

Note: Manx are slow in maturing and allowance should be made for young cats in judging depth of flank, etc.

NFA: Any congenital deformity.

Accepted Colors:

  • Blue Eyed White
  • Orange Eyed White
  • Odd Eyed White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Bluecream
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Cameo Tortoiseshell
  • Chinchilla Silver
  • Shaded Silver
  • Blue Smoke
  • Black Smoke
  • Blue Tabby
  • Red Tabby
  • Cream Tabby
  • Brown Tabby
  • Silver Tabby
  • Cameo  Tabby
  • Blue McTabby
  • Red McTabby
  • Cream McTabby
  • Brown McTabby
  • Silver McTabby
  • Cameo McTabby
  • Blue Patched Tabby
  • Brown Patched Tabby
  • Silver Patched Tabby
  • Blue Spotted Tabby
  • Red Spotted Tabby
  • Cream Spotted Tabby
  • Brown Spotted Tabby
  • Silver Spotted Tabby
  • All accepted colors/Patterns
  • All accepted colors/Patterns