American Association of Cat Enthusiasts

Burmese Breed Standard

Head 25 pts
  Roundess 7
  Full face w/proper profile 8
  Breadth between eyes 4
  Earset & placement 6
Eyes 10 pts
  Place & shape 5
  Color 5
Body & Tail 25 pts
  Body 15
  Legs & feet 5
  Tail 5
Color 25 ts
Coat 10 pts
  Short 4
  Texture 4
  Close lying 2
Condition 5 pts

General: The overall impression of the ideal Burmese would be a cat of medium size and rich, solid color with substantial bone structure, good muscular development  and a surprising weight for its size.  This together with its expressive eyes and sweet face, presents a totally distinctive cat which is comparable to no other breed.

Head and Ears: The head should be pleasingly rounded without flat planes, whether viewed from front or side.  Face should be full, with considerable breadth between the eyes, tapering slightly to a short, well-developed muzzle.  In profile there should be a visible nose break.  The chin is firmly rounded, reflecting a proper bite.  The head sits on a short, well-developed neck. Ears to be medium in size and set well apart on a rounded skull; alert, tilting slightly forward, broad at base and slightly rounded tips.

Eyes: The eyes are large but not protuberant, set well apart and with round aperture, with color ranging from yellow to gold, the greater the depth and brilliance the better.

Body, Legs, Feet, Tail: Body medium in size, muscular in development, and presenting a somewhat compact appearance.  Allowance to be made for larger size in males.  An ample, rounded chest with back level from shoulder to tail. Hips are the same width as the shoulders.  While the Burmese is a medium size cat, consideration should be given to proper proportion and total balance. Legs are well proportioned to body with substantial bone structure.  The feet are rounded and well knit and are able to support the weight of the cat without splaying.  Tail to be straight of medium thickness and length, and free from vertebral defects. Five toes in front and four in the rear.

Coat: Fine, glossy, satin-like in texture, short and very close-lying.

Condition: Perfect physical condition, with excellent muscle tone.  There should be no evidence of obesity, paunchiness, weakness or apathy.

Penalize: Indication of points or tabby marks on legs or ears.

NFA: Blue or green eyes.

Accepted Colors:

  • Sable
  • Champagne
  • Platinum
  • Blue