American Association of Cat Enthusiasts

American Shorthair Breed Standard

Head 10 pts
Ears 5 pts
Neck 5 pts
Chin 5 pts
Eye Shape 5 pts
Eye Color 5 pts
Body 15 pts
Legs & Feet 5 pts
Tail 5 pts
Color 20 pts
Coat 10 pts
Condition 5 pts
Balance 5 pts

General: All physical aspects of the American Shorthair should compliment each other to present a perfect picture. The breed ranges in size from medium to large, females being slightly smaller, yet not frail or dainty appearing. The overall body is well knit, powerful, showing good depth and full chest, head is in balance with the body, broad with cheeks well developed in males, nose and face medium short with eyes set wide apart, tail in proportion with the body, thick at base and tapering toward the end.

Head: Broad with cheeks especially well developed in studs. Nose and face medium short with eyes set wide apart. Muzzle should present squarish aspect but should not be foreshortened as in the Persian. Avoid long nose or wedge shaped head.

Ears: Medium in size and wide set, rounded at tips and not too large at base. 
Penalize: Long pointed ears or ears set too close together.

Neck: Medium short and denoting strength, but in proportion to the body. 
Penalize: Too short and thick; too long and slender. Avoid snaky appearance.

Chin: Well developed, forming a perpendicular line with the upper lip. 
Penalize: Weak receding chin.

Eye Shape: The eye opening should be round, set to show breadth of nose. 
Penalize: Narrow or slanting eye. Avoid oriental look.

Eye Color: The eye color should conform to the requirements listed in coat color. Cut 5 points for wrong eye color. Whites - deep blue, brilliant gold or odd (one blue and one gold); solid colors, tabbies except Silver, Torties, Smokes, Shaded except Silver, Cameos and Particolors should be gold or hazel. Bicolors are gold, blue or odd eyed. The Silvers i.e. tabbies and Shaded should have green.

Body: The American Shorthair ranges from medium to large in size. The females are slightly smaller than males. The body should be well knit and powerful, showing good depth and full chest. 
Penalize: Too foreshortened and stocky, or long, sleek oriental appearance.

Legs & Feet: Legs of good substance and in proportion to the body. Feet well rounded. Five toes in front and four in back.

Tail: Tail length should be in proportion to body, thick at base and tapering to end, and carried almost level with back. 
Penalize: Thin, whip like tail; too short and thick; or carried over back in squirrel fashion.

Color: As described in Color Standard. For cats with special markings the points are divided 10 points for color and 10 points for markings.

Coat: Coat should be short lustrous, well bodied and close lying, giving an even textured and natural protective appearance. 
Penalize: Fine, thin coat or fluffy textured coat.

Condition: Hard and muscular with no indication of fat. An American Shorthair should have "heft".

Balance: All physical aspects of the cat should compliment each other to present a perfect picture.

Temperamentally gentle and amenable to handling.

NFA: Extra toes, kink in tail, white spots in colored areas of coat color.

Accepted Colors:

    • Blue Eyed White
    • Gold Eyed White
    • Odd Eyed White
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Cream
  • TABBIES (Classic Tabby are also recognized in Mackerel Tabby Pattern)
    • Brown Tabby
    • Brown Patched Tabby
    • Blue Tabby
    • Blue Patched Tabby
    • Red Tabby
    • Cream Tabby
    • Silver Tabby
    • Silver Patched Tabby
    • Golden Tabby
    • Golden Patched Tabby
    • Cameo Tabby
    • Black and White
    • Blue and White
    • Red and White
    • Cream and White
    • (Colors of Classic Tabby & White are also recognized in Mackerel Tabby & White Pattern)
    • Brown Tabby and White
    • Brown Patched Tabby and White
    • Blue Tabby and White
    • Blue Patched Tabby and White
    • Red Tabby and White
    • Cream Tabby and White
    • Silver Tabby and White
    • Silver Patched Tabby and White
    • Golden Patched Tabby and White
    • Cameo Tabby and White
    • Tortoiseshell and White
    • Bluecream and White
    • Bluecream
    • Tortoiseshell
    • Black Smoke
    • Blue Smoke
    • Cameo Smoke
    • Tortoiseshell Smoke
    • Bluecream Smoke
    • Shaded Silver
    • ShadedCameo
    • Shaded Tortoiseshell
    • Shaded Chocolate
    • Shell Cameo
    • Chinchilla Silver
    • Chinchilla Golden
Revised 7/93